Saturday, May 21, 2011

My transformation

2 weeks ago I began a new journey in my life.
I got tired of waiting for others to make things happen for me. How silly of me to think that "someone" would come to my rescue and just fall in love with my voice and talent, and open all the doors to help me succeed in a career in music. As naive as that sounds, it seems that most of my life I lived with a preconceived notion of how things "ought to be". Problem is that I realized that only "I" can start making changes in my life, and only "I" can work on "me". 

Due to some major life events full of emotional stress, I had already started working with an interior transformation: Changing my outlook of life, focusing on positive thoughts and actions to get along better with others and myself and to have a better and stronger relationship with God (my strength and my guide). Along with this transformation, I began an exterior transformation and have been focusing on physical fitness and serious weightloss results.

So as part of this new journey in my personal life, I needed to make some serious changes in my relationship with music.

The first step I took was to search for a vocal coach to help me work on my craft and also with artist development. Through my search I ran into the wonderful and talented Vickie Natale. (

This is the beginning of my journey and I want to share it with you. Perhaps I can help you in your journey.


  1. I hope to bump into you on your Journey :-) Remember your Journey goes as far as you wanna go.

  2. Congrats on your new journey, I am glad that I can help in any way. I will meet you at the top of the musical mountain ! Let's go!